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Machine Learning May Be the Solution to Enterprise Security Woes By Karl Zimmerman For large enterprise organizations, it can be next-to-impossible to identify attacks and act to mitigate them in good time. That's one of the reasons executives often discover security breaches when an external researcher - or worse, a journalist - gets in touch to ask why hundreds of millions of logins for their company's services are freely available on hacker forums. The huge volume of incoming connections, the heterogeneity of services, and the desire to avoid false positives leave enterprise security teams in a difficult spot. Finding potential security breaches is like finding a tiny needle in a very large haystack - monitoring millions of connections over thousands of servers is not something that can be managed by a team of humans. Enterprise security is often preventative: we ... (more)

The First Quantum Revolution: Foundational information for the enterprise CTO

Bob Gourley Our report on Naturally Better Security dove deep into ways quantum effects can be leveraged to enhance real world cybersecurity. It was our most popular post in November 2016 and the feedback we received was taken as a signal that we should produce more on what CTOs should know about the quantum world. With this post we are kicking off a series of five pieces that will dive into quantum effects. This first post tackles some foundational background that puts the science into a historical context. The second one will discuss the current revolution in quantum computing... (more)

Starting at the Basics: What is Hadoop and what problems does it solve?

By Kimberly Kelly With this post I start with the basics on Hadoop, including its history. The story starts with the early days of Google. Engineers needed to design new ways to store and process and retrieve data that would scale to very large sizes. The published two papers on their design in 2003, and the highly regarded community-focused Doug Cutting produced an open source version of the software called Hadoop. Along with that open source project came many other related open source capabilities, and soon an entire big data framework was created. New methods of storing, pro... (more)

Choosing Your First Programming Language

By BryanHalfpap Many new programmers struggle when it comes to selecting their first language to learn.  Which is easiest, the most professionally useful, the most newbie-friendly?  Lets find out by showing you a range of options, their strengths and weaknesses, and some information about the most common programming languages in demand today.  At the end, we’ll make some recommendations and you’ll understand a bit more about why they were chosen. The Task At Hand Every job requires the right kind of tool, and each programming language can be thought of as a separate tool.  Just... (more)

Connecting Big Data Project Management with Enterprise Data Strategy By @DDMcD | @BigDataExpo #BigData

The Tip of the Spear II: Connecting Big Data Project Management with Enterprise Data Strategy By Dennis D. McDonald “If data analysis is Big Data’s "tip of the spear" when it comes to delivering data-dependent value to customers or clients, we also must address how that spear is shaped, sharpened, aimed, and thrown – and, of course, whether or not it hits its intended target.” Introduction In Meeting the Mission of Transportation Safety, Richard McKinney, U.S. Department of Transportation's CIO, describes four components for what I call an “enterprise data strategy”: Data govern... (more)